Commercial Benefits

Benefits of our compactor rental program

  • Lower refuse costs—Automated hauler notification system eliminates premature container pick-up and reduces hauling fees by loading the container with the maximum amount of waste each and every time.
  • Improve curb appeal—Eliminate windblown trash and unsightly dumpsters on your property.
  • Auto-start system—No need for maintenance personnel to operate equipment. Open the door and drop your trash down the chute; the system does the rest.
  • Reduce pick-up frequency—High-density compaction reduces the frequency of heavy trucks on your property, damaging your parking lot.
  • Contain wet garbage—Custom-designed to hold liquids, this system reduces odors and the mess found with lesser machines.
wet-pack system

Compactor Rental Makes Sense

  • Renting doesn't tie up your operating capital or use up any of your line of credit.
  • Rental cost is fully tax deductible.
  • You maintain the freedom to change equipment should your needs change.
  • You don't get involved in maintenance and upkeep.
  • Renting eliminates the problem of comparison shopping.
  • Monthly rental price never increases for as long as the equipment is in service.
  • Equipment rental program is separate from your hauling.

This allows you to negotiate your hauling contracts most effectively.