Commercial Trash Compactor Rentals

Diamond offers a full line of top quality S.P. Industries Commercial Compactor Rentals including Stationary Compactors, Self-Contained Compactors, Transfer Station Compactors, Hydraulic Cart Dumpers, and Specialty Compaction Equipment.


Commercial Compactor Rentals Save Money

In most cases, properties achieve a reduction in overall operating costs with the implementation of our system.

Liability and Repairs

Reduced pick up frequency means fewer trucks on site, thus reducing costly repairs to asphalt drives and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Curb Appeal

Instead of having many traditional dumpsters, one centrally located and landscaped compactor area minimizes refuse space and optimizes curb appeal.

Bulk Compaction

Trash overflow is virtually eliminated from move-ins, holidays, and weekends.  Additionally, furniture and other bulk items can be disposed of in our compactors.

Odor Problems

Open containers allow  odors to escape as well as attract rodents and scavengers. Our units have closed containers that trap odors and eliminate flying debris. An odor neutralizer can also be installed for extra odor protection.

Auto Start System

Our auto-start system eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to operate equipment, saving money and headaches.

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Diamond compactor rentals are ideal

  • for apartment complexes, office buildings, government offices, nursing homes, colleges & universities, shopping malls, strip malls, restaurants, hotels & resorts, manufacturing plants, industrial parks, and much more.

Compactor Rental Program Advantages

  • No capital expenditures to approve
  • No maintenance costs to pay
  • No systems replacement cost to pay
  • 100% tax deductible
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Wet-pack system

Wet-Pack System

The raised compactor and container openings increase the sump capacity of the container and its ability to retain liquids. Reduce overall cost.

Stationary Compactor

Typical installations include industrial manufacturing plants, institutional facilities, high volume retail outlets and warehouses, and facilities generating purely corrugated material.

Industrial Precrusher

Precrushers provide the ultimate compaction by crushing a load within the machine before loading and compacting it again in the container.

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