Commercial Products

Industrial Compactors and Balers

Diamond Rentals, Inc. offers many options for commercial and industrial properties.  Please call us for rates and availability of how we can service your refuse needs.
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Wet-Pack Systems

  • Available on most SP Industries, Inc. stationary compactors
  • Replaces self-contained compactor/containers, in most installations, with lower tare weights and greater payloads
  • The compactor can be raised 4" or more to increase the ability and capacity of the receiver container
  • An elevated chamber floor and baffle plate stops liquids from seeping out the back of the compactor
  • An extended compaction snout helps to keep liquids and material inside the container compaction opening
  • Safety guarding is placed around the base to protect personnel from moving parts

Stationary Systems

Stationary compactors are bolted or welded to a permanent surface and used to pack waste material into a compaction container or trailer. Once full, the receiver container is hauled to a landfill to be emptied. Stationary compactors are available in several design grades:

  • Recommended for installations requiring one pull per day or more
  • Waste materials are typically larger and heavier such as packaging material, wooden skids and crates, and scrap process material
  • Models range in capacity from 2 to 4 cu.yds.
  • Typical installations include industrial manufacturing plants, institutional facilities, high volume retail outlets and warehouses, and facilities generating purely corrugated material

Industrial Precrushers

Precrushers are a specialized stationary compactor unit used in conjunction with an industrial or heavy duty industrial compactor.

  • Recommended for installations processing large volumes of bulky and difficult to compact dry waste materials such as barrels, crates, cable spools, appliances, scrap steel, etc. or wet wastes including recyclables, pulp/paper, food processing and packaging, etc.
  • Precrushers break down waste materials inside an extremely powerful and heavy duty compaction chamber before it is loaded into the primary compactor. This precrushing greatly increases the volume of material that will fit into the container.
  • Models range in capacity from 3 to 9 cu.yds.