Residential Benefits

We will help you select the best system for your needs and the best location on your property for the compaction system, as well as to design enclosures that will enhance your community.

  • Creates a clean, inviting look for your waste area and meets OSHA and ANSI safety standards while complying with ADA guidelines.
  • Easily retrofit your current waste area and provide a safe, clean place for residents to dispose of trash and recycled materials.
  • Add a trash chute with interlocked door to eliminate messy waste and the need for dedicated staff to operate compactor.
  • Access door above compaction chamber allows authorized users to eliminate large, bulky items with ease.
  • Systems are resident-friendly, convenient, and safe.

Benefits of our compactor rental program

  • Lower refuse costs—Automated hauler notification system eliminates premature container pick-up and reduces hauling fees by loading the container with the maximum amount of waste each and every time.
  • Improve curb appeal—Eliminate windblown trash and unsightly dumpsters on your property. Custom-designed enclosures match your buildings for an upscale look. 
  • Auto-start system—Resident-friendly—no need for maintenance personnel to operate equipment. Open the door and drop your trash down the chute; the system does the rest.
  • Reduce pick-up frequency—High-density compaction reduces the times that heavy trucks have to come through your community, damaging your parking lot and disturbing your tenants.
  • Crush move-out furniture—Compaction forces up to 78,500 lbs. break up furniture and other problem waste, including white goods, which eliminates open-top container costs.
  • Contain wet garbage—Custom-designed to hold liquids, this system reduces odors and the mess found with lesser machines.